Interrupted Exhibition May 2017

From the 26th through to the 28th of May Yes Creative in Albert Road played host to my very first solo exhibition. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be able to put on such a thing. Low and behold it happened. There were circa 100-150 people there on the opening night and a steady flow of people throughout the whole weekend.

Here are a few photos from the exhibition. 

Thank you to all who attending and made the whole thing possible.

Here's a review from Strong Island ;


Bottle i | 26.11.16

Bottle i | 26.11.16

For a while I have been participating in #freeartfriday. It has evolved from simply putting a photo out with a post it on it. Then I put the photos in celephane wrappers, then envelopes with blue tac on the surface I left it.  

I then had a idea from a local artist to place a photo in the bottle. They started life without lids and still post its attached to them. Then the idea of the luggage labels around the neck to add and identity to them.  

To keep costs down I decided to then move on to jars. It allowed the photo to fit the whole way round the jar. I began spray painting the lids black and then gold. The only problem was that the jars smelt of curry.

I switched back to the bottles after a few weeks with the jars. It allowed me to think more about the overall finish of them from the spray paint used, to the photo used inside it. 

I bought a yellow to match most of the photos I put within the bottles. As the months got cooler and more wintery I have used a light blue for the lids.  

I thought they would become boring but they get more exciting every week. Now as shown above the lid is sprayed whilst sat on the bottle to give a frost effect not only for the time of year but to fill the space between the top of bottle and the print within.  

Each bottle takes around 20-30 minutes make from scratch.  


Bottle ii | 26.11.16

Bottle ii | 26.11.16